Feedback Academy helps groups and organizations to introduce a feedback culture.

To introduce a feedback culture means to involve the management group, HR-department, managers and employees. It is not only regarding the manager. We customize an arrangement that suits your business/organization.

Feedback, in the right way, is a powerful tool to develop individuals, groups, processes, cooperations, relationships and the whole organization.

We have for 10 years helped organizations to introduce feedback cultures and have a profound knowledge and education in process work. We are also supported by research in the field of international organizations.

Feedback culture means that there is an existing knowledge about feedback and a will to give and ask for feedback in the whole group or organization. It is based on the concept of not getting stuck in a traditional judgement culture, but to create a development culture. In a development culture, you constructively contribute to other people’s development instead of judging or valuing the others.

Many managers are aware that they need to develop their skills in giving constructive feedback, and a surprising amount of employee surveys show that the employees don’t feel like they receive the feedback they need to complete their tasks. Introduceing a feedback culture results in a win-win situation where individuals and groups develop together in a positive direction.

Trademarks for a feedback culture:

Managers and leaders:

  • Give and ask for feedback
  • Discuss the feedback that is given to employees
  • Follow up and ensure effect repatriation


  • Give and ask for feedback (both with colleges and managers)

The organization:

  • Has structured feedback as a normal part of the working environment
  • Measures the ability of managers and leaders in how they give and ask for feedback
  • Offers education if needed to managers and employees
  • Rewards the ability to give, receive and asking for feedback
  • Is clear with the fact that a feedback culture is crucial for success