The Book Professional Feedback is now out in English!

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The book Professional Feedback – The Magic of Conscious Meetings – gives you new ideas and practical tips on how you can improve both giving, asking for and receiving feedback. Professional feedback is both for managers and employees.

If there was something I would like to give all organisations and their employees, it would be an increased ability and willingness to ask for and give constructive feedback. There is an enormous development potential, to create learning contexts where people feel seen and important.

In this edition, I have done many updates, including adding a chapter about how to move from a culture of assessment to a development culture, performance management, coupled with feedback aimed for team development, and added a part on feedback and cultural diversity.

The first edition of Professional Feedback was nominated for the Year 2008 by the Swedish bookends Hr-union and the newspaper Staff & Leadership. The jury said: ”The use of feedback in the right way is an art, as this book teaches in a condensed and easily digestible manner, without being superficial. ” While continuing to work with the book, I have had those words in mind.

The book is included as course literature to participants who take a course in feedback or participate in a workshop in feedback.

The book professional feedback is included in many leadership development programs and in many university programs  as the book covers leadership development, team development, personal development and conflict management.

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