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It should be a human right to have a good work environment.

It should also be a human ”duty” to contribute to their own and others’ well-being and a good work climate.

Groups develop faster if everyone in the group are aware that they all need to contribute to the group’s development. Therefore, group development is about co-creation.

As soon as someone puts the blame/responsibility on someone else, the group requires more time to develop – it might even make the group development go in the wrong direction, and the working climate deteriorates.

Therefore, all managers and employees are equally responsible when it comes to taking responsibility so that the groups evolve in the right direction.

A workshop that addresses the work climate and feedback with Feedback Academy can give a group a fresh start – a workshop that creates conditions, provides tools and insights to succeed and reach new heights!

ps. If you do not see that you are part of the solution – you are part of the problem …