Kindness and compassion

I love the words kindness and compassion. Kindness and compassion for me is a strong will for well-being and development. I think everyone wants to develop and also contribute to the development of others if there is kindness and compassion. Kindness and compassion is one of the pillars of a development culture and in a […]

How is it?

This is life Conflicts happens all the time. In the absence of conflict management and constructive feedback … Over half of all the groups out there is, unfortunately, either in the forming or storming phase. When they could have it so much the better. In order for a group to evolve the group needs good experiences from managing […]

Transform problems to needs

When I work with conflict management, I help the parties to that instead of expressing dissatisfaction / anger over problems rather express what needs they have. ”The manager is never present” -> ”I need to know when I can talk to my boss” ”You always sneak away when there is a lot of work” -> […]

Feedback in a development culture

In a development culture, development is natural. In an judgemental culture on the other hand, we evaluate, judge and accuse each other. In a judgemental culture feedback is not beneficial. When we have a development culture it will be easier to implement changes, create value and benefits that lead towards the organization’s vision and it […]

Some benefits from implementing a feedback culture

Some people think feedback is another name for criticizing and finding faults in others. That is old school feedback This is new school: A workshop in feedback is a great start when implementing a feedback culture.

We need more dialogues – feedback is key to development

  On a course in feedback, participants learn how to have a constructive developmental dialogue giving and requesting feedback. A development culture in an organization creates learning, development and success. Courses in  feedback is a way to create a feedback culture is an important part of a development culture. Feedback Academy contributes to learning and implementing a […]

See me

Excerpt from the book ”Professional Feedback – The magic of conscious meetings”. Read more about the new book here:

Being authentic

  If I accept my faults and deal with them I will be more authentic. More whole.   If I try to hide my faults they will still be there, and sooner or later they will still show up. ”Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Aldous Huxley”


Sometimes when I get feedback that is not that pleasant to hear I might make the mistake to believe that what the other one is telling me is that I am no good. Then I might feel ashamed or feel worthless. But usually the other person both likes me and thinks that in general I […]


  It’s the little things that make life great! What in your everyday life makes you happy?