Feedback Academy – Sweden’s biggest provider of seminars and workshops about feedback.

Feedback Academy has educated over 30 000 employees and more than 7000 managers in feedback. The book Professional Feedback has sold in more than 32 000 copies and is also available in English.

At Feedback Academy we are convinced that individuals and groups are always aiming to do a good job if they are given the right conditions. With a feedback culture and an efficient performance management, groups and individuals have an opportunity to reach set goals. In a feedback culture, individuals and groups develop and create good relationships. To build a developing climate of cooperation there is a great need for functioning feedback.

Feedback Academy offers training in feedback and group development. We provide seminars, custom made workshops for all kinds of groups and businesses. We train several thousand leaders and employees every year and we are Sweden’s biggest supplier of seminars and workshops about feedback.


FeedbackAkademin is run by Axelina Gunnarsson, after Stefan Gunnarsson’s passing in 2021. Axelina, who is Stefan’s daughter, grew up in a home full of feedback and has since studied psychology.

At present, Shalini Persson is responsible for several of the assignments in Feedback Academy. Shalini is originally a lawyer and has worked with communication education for many years. She is especially passionate about giving people effective tools to receive feedback in a constructive way and manage their defensive reactions. In addition to giving feedback lectures and workshops, she trains groups and individuals in personal impact, to deliver a message in an engaging, clear and enthusiastic way. Her lectures are an energetic experience that leaves no one indifferent.

Shalini Persson, photo: Linda Nyremark

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Feedback – the art of giving and asking for feedback to increase competence, achievement, improve cooperation and to reach set goals.